The Legacy of ’Devi’

The tale of Devi's genesis dates back to 2021, when BK Saraf and his team conceived a noble endeavor – a homage to the real-life Devis during Sharad Navratri. As we glance around, the presence of remarkable women is undeniable, exemplifying qualities akin to the nine forms of Durga – courage and humility, fearlessness and compassion, wisdom and innocence. Their existence underscores the essence of these Goddesses, deserving our recognition and gratitude.

The inaugural Devi campaign featured the luminous Mrs. Malini Awasthi, a multilingual folk singer renowned for her contributions to Bhojpuri music. Recognized with the Padma Shri award by the Indian government in 2016, she personifies Devi through her fearless demeanor, artistic ingenuity, authenticity, and unwavering dedication.

In 2022, Devi 2.0 emerged, expanding its embrace to encompass a broader spectrum of awe-inspiring Devis. After a profusion of nominations, nine Devis from diverse domains, heralds of tangible societal transformation, were chosen. The triumph of Devi 2.0 was a culmination of the remarkable Devis in attendance and the nine exemplars we had the privilege to celebrate.

This year with Devi 3.0, take your chance to nominate a Devi! Nominations are open to all, share the stories of real-life champions, it can be you or someone who inspires you!


Note: The felicitation ceremony is scheduled on the 1st of October, 2023, in Lucknow City. If selected, your presence will be mandatory.

Glimpses of Devi.2.0